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Conversational AI

Xavier Africa helps organizations improve efficiency and customer experience through the development of conversational agents that automate client interactions and experiences. All our conversational AI solutions work through WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, corporate websites and telegram. Our conversational AI solutions are built improve customer experience and to improve process efficiency.

Most of our conversational AI solutions come coupled with a web application (portal) that is used to manage all interactions & process all inbound and outbound requests.

Use Cases

  • KYC information collection
  • Student applications and registration
  • Insurance claims management
  • Replacement for call centers
  • Customer service
  • Automated frequently asked questions response
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer self help

Our Process


We start building the web application with exploring your specific business needs, considering relevant regulatory constraints, gathering and processing opinions and expectations of project stakeholders and drawing up detailed portal requirements and tech specifications.


We create the web application architecture design and deliver UX/UI designs.

Iterative development

Our team will build and deliver the web application’s back end, front end and APIs in quick iterations with major releases each 2-4 weeks.

Web Application integration with other software

We integrate web applications software with custom-made or platform-based tools and systems you already use, including ERP, CRM,PDM , MES, HIE, LMS, and more.

QA and testing

For high-quality test planning, the QA team reviews web application requirements and user stories, and architecture design. Then, in parallel with development, our QA team verifies that your web portal runs as planned and complies with all set requirements and checks the security of your data. Wherever reasonable, we employ test automation to decrease testing time and costs.

Deployment and setup

We get the portal running in your cloud environment, train your support team and provide user guides.

After-release support

For 1-3 months, we answer your after-release questions, manage incidents, configuration changes and updates.

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