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Data Analytics

Xavier Africa renders a full range of data analytics services to help companies solve business problems with accurate forecasts and predictions, root-cause analysis, (big) data mining and more. We help clients leverage data analytics to improve operational efficiency using descriptive dashboarding, predictive analytics, and prescriptive modeling.

Use Cases

  • Business Planning & Forecasting
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Effort Optimisation
  • Process simulation
  • Recommendation Engines

Our Process

  • Defining business needs a firm wants to address with data analytics .
  • Analyzing the existing data analytics environment (if any).
  • Designing a data analytics strategy and roadmap.
  • Selecting optimal data analytics methodologies and technologies.
  • Deciding on machine learning solution deliverables.
02. Data preparation
  • Exploratory analysis of the existing data sources.
  • Data collection, cleansing, and structuring.
  • Defining the criteria for the model evaluation.
03. Development and implementation of machine learning models
  • Model exploration and refinement.
  • Model testing and evaluation.
  • Fine-tuning the parameters of Machine Learning models until the generated results are acceptable.
  • Deploying the Machine Learning models.
04. Reporting
  • Delivering machine learning output in an agreed format.
  • Integrating machine learning models into an application for users’ self-service, if required.
05. Support and maintenance of machine learning models
  • Continuous monitoring and tuning of ML models for greater accuracy.
  • Adding new data to the ML models for deeper insight.
  • Building new ML models to address new business and data analytics questions.

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