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Government of Botswana Communications Manager

The republic of Botswana is a country with a total population of 2.5 million and has been ranked as one of the fastest growing countries in the world. They have recently started a government wide digitization effort which aims to create 1 cross platform system to centralize all government services.

The Challenge

The government of Botswana has 34 ministries and governmental agencies and over 150 departments within each of them. Therefore, in order to reach all these government offices – citizens have to know which ministry and department offers the services they need, find their contact details and then go on to call or email them which often goes unanswered.

Thus, there was need for a solution to create one central communications portal that would eliminate the government’s communication silos, allow for two-way communication, automate frequently asked questions & track all communications to hold government officials accountable.

The Solution


Communications Channel Manager

The Xavier Africa team created a two-way communication gateway that would allow clients to send their messages to the government, label the message adequately and send the forward the message to the relevant ministry or department. The solution – powered by conversational AI features SMS, WhatsApp and email integrations and uses ranking natural language processing models to label contentious messages.


Xavier Africa successfully created a conversational AI agent, created an SMS Gateway solution for integration to the three mobile networks in Botswana & the Government’s Exchange Mail server and lastly integrated to the WhatsApp Cloud API.  Lastly, we  successfully created APIs that push message communication to the relevant government systems from end to end. 

  • Dialoflow for the conversational AI capability
  • MERN Stack – MongoDB, Express, React and Node for main platform development
  • PHP Laravel For SMS Gateway Development
  • Docker For production containerisation
MERN Stack
PHP Laravel

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