"Our models don't just think, behave and act human... They are human."
- Xavier Quotes

What is Artificial Intelligence?

A common misconception of Artificial intelligence (AI) is that it looks for ways to replace human beings in the workforce with autonomous robots. Let us debunk that notion by clarifying what AI is and how it can add value to your businesses while retaining your employees. AI is the branch of computer science concerned with building machines and software systems capable of intelligent behaviour. In other words, agents designed using AI must be able to behave and react how a human being with abilities such as the ability to plan, solve problems, recognize speech and, most importantly, learn from expereince.

One application of AI centres around Machine Learning (ML). This is whereby computers learn how to perform tasks not by being explicitly programmed to do so but rather by being fed vast amounts of data. Over time, through repeated iterations and reference to previous computations, they are able to independently adapt in order to produce reliable decisions and results at higher and higher rates.

Benefits of AI in Business

  • Improved customer experience.
  • Ease of customer interaction.
  • Automation of busines operations.
  • Early identification of new growth opportunities.
  • Assistance in decision making for management.