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Robotic Process Automation

Xavier Africa works with companies across all industries and sizes automating repetitive, mundane processes, unleashing the productivity of the employees. Our bots help organizations have continuous 24/7 operations, with no human error and quicker task execution. We eliminate the need for human beings in mundane, repetitive tasks thus freeing them to do more creative, and fulfilling tasks.

Use Cases

  • Invoice Processing
  • Customer KYC Processing
  • Organisational Payroll Processing
  • Quotation Evaluation
  • Data Extraction in different formats
  • Process HR Information
  • Batch Processing

Our Process

RPA works for processes that follow the criteria below;
  • The process must be rule-based.
  • The process must be repeated at regular intervals, or have a pre-defined trigger.
  • The process must have defined inputs and outputs.
  • The task should have sufficient volume.
Identify internal business processes that meet the above criteria & Prioritize Processes by using an Automation Impact assessment;
  • The Xavier Africa team maps out all the client’s business processes, and creates a list of tasks that can be automated using Robotic Process Automation.
  • The team goes on to create an automation impact assessment where we rank the processes based on potential impact and complexity. Processes with the highest potential impact and minimal implementation complexity are ranked highest for automation.
Define the step by step processes that are to be automated;
  • Create process flow descriptions of the process – flowcharts and record the implementation of the manual processes.
  • Create decision rules for how all processes are implemented
Design and Development of Automations;
  • Our engineer creates automation scripts in RPA systems using UiPath or Automation Anywhere depending on the client’s budgetary priorities. The bots are then created using automation scripts and bots that allows the client to automate the tasks
Implementation & Monitoring;
  • The bots are deployed into the production environment after they have been developed and tested. Customers can use them immediately upon their deployment. The automation engineer creates the bot triggers and creates the schedule. All interactions are logged continuously by the clients and the Xavier Africa team monitors them & resolves issues whenever they come about.

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