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Leading Innovation.

Xavier Africa is an award-winning software development agency that helps leading organizations become more efficient, create better customer experiences, and find new growth opportunities. We combine a deep understanding of your business with unrivaled strategy and technology expertise to deliver meaningful results.

How We Work?
We work in direct partnership with our clients to co-create solutions that solve problems at the root cause. This video takes you through how we do this.
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Our Values

Great work is the foundation on which we’ve built our business. Our values are aligned with this foundation and excellence, simplicity & efficiency are how we actualize this!

Xavier Africa’s main mandate is to deliver excellence through every solution we provide to clients. We ensure that this excellence is actualised and maintained by recruiting the top 1% of graduates across Africa, taking them through our rigorous internal training program and continuously setting incredibly high standards for them! Furthermore, beyond our technical acumen, we are dedicated to service excellence & ensuring that every Xavier Africa customer gets a solution that solves the big underlying problems that hinder their organizations’ success.
Efficiency is at the heartbeat of our business operation - both in our service provision and within every solution we build for our clients. The expectation at Xavier Africa is simple - we endeavor to create the best possible solution for clients within budget and timeline! Therefore, all our processes are streamlined for efficiency, our teams are held at the highest standards for efficiency & all our client solutions are tested for optimal efficiency!
We believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of innovation. Therefore, Xavier Africa aims to create and maintain an organization that is always creating the simplest possible solution that solves the root cause of contemporary business problems. We take our time in creating multiple concepts, testing them for end user simplicity and deploying the simplest possible solution for maximum impact!

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