We craft software solutions to tackle workspace inefficiencies.

At Xavier, downtime is not an option.

About Xavier Africa

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Xavier Africa is a locally owned and youth run advanced technology firm operating in Botswana. We are driven by the challenge of identifying and solving persistently recurring inefficiencies in African companies through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. We craft our solutions by scanning the business landscape to identify bottlenecks and we create models to eliminate them.


Our various Competencies

Our group of young, qualified business graduates and developers boast a wide array of expertise and skills:

Autonomous Conversational Agents

We design and develop agents capable of providing business support services such as handling cutomers' requests and bookings.

Predictive Analysis and Deep Learning

Using a variety of statistical techniques along with machine learning, we predict future outcomes such as customer behaviour and changes in the market.

Scheduling and Optimization

We help you prioritize your limited time and resources to ensure that your operations are cost effective.

Data Analytics

We analyze complex raw business data in order to isolate useful trends and information .

Data Visualization

We graphically represent useful trends and information obtained through analytics to give you a visual idea of where your business stands and is heading to.

Natural Language Processing

We develop systems capable of understanding, interpreting and manipulating human language.

Our Work

We have provided cutting edge AI solutions for some reputable local entities:

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Botswana Accountancy College

Autonomous Conversational Agent

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AI Powered Decision Support System

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Search Engine Optimization

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Farri Industries

Customer Relationship Management System

We live to break the mould.

"Tailor made solutions to suit your specific business needs."

- Xavier Quotes

Client Testimonials

Have a look at what our satisfied clients have had to say about our products:

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