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Xavier Africa is a bespoke software development agency that specialises in helping organisations eliminate operational and structural inefficiencies using digital solutions. We do this through extensive research and dialogue with firms to identify pain points, and inefficiencies – once we have identified the inefficiencies our team of engineers and business analysts curate models and frameworks that addresses them. Our team uses various technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as scalable web technologies like JavaScript to create solutions that combine astute aesthetic and functionality.


Promoting efficiency with problem solving that uses requisite knowledge, industry, and skill.


Promoting excellence with innovative, scalable, and bespoke solutions


Promoting simplicity with solutions that are easy to use and understand.


Our group of young, qualified business graduates and developers boast a wide array of expertise and skills:


Facebook and WhatsApp chatbots that utilizes natural language processing which is a branch of AI that allows computers to understand text and spoken words.

Artificial Intelligent solutions

We build tailored AI solutions that use of convolutional neural networks which are class of deep neural networks that have applications in natural language processing, financial time series, medical analysis, video and image recognition.


A website (also written as web site) is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.


We develop bespoke Android & iOS mobile apps using latest mobile development frameworks,We enable thriving startups & giant enterprises solve complex business challenges through mobility solutions.


We analyse complex raw business data in order to isolate useful trends and information.


In this day and age, web app have shown to be the best when it comes to managing your business online . At XavierAfrica, we know how to get your business online.


We have provided cutting edge AI solutions for some reputable local entities:

  • All
  • Mobile Applications
  • ChatBots
  • Web Application

Botswana Accountancy College


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Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board


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Boitekanelo College


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Sheila Khama


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Have a look at what our satisfied clients have had to say about our products:

Mr. Andre Van Zyl

Managing Director - Panda Bricks

"Xavier Africa has completely revolutionalized the way we connect with our customers. Through the Facebook chatbots they developed for us, we managed to start converting leads from Facebook into actual clients whilst the SEO optimization exercise they led saw our company website become first on most of our major keyword searches."

Mr Kagiso Mfa

SRC President - Botswana Accountancy College

"Every year we usually see a large volume of students’ complaints due to the school’s slow registration process and ultimately late allowance payments. Due to Xavier Africa’s introduction of the Autonomous Conversational Agent, students have been able to register for the new semester from the comfort of the homes and allowances arrived in record time."

Motheo Letshwiti

Chemdol Pty Ltd

"Decision making is a fundamental area of business as business success depends on the quality of decisions the company’s leadership works. Xavier Africa completely revolutionalized our business by creating a data centric decision support system which is now at the center of our business renaissance."

Sheila Khama

SK Resources Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Essential Xavier worked with me over 8 week, I was very impressed with their knowledge of web applications, customer focused work ethic, willingness to learn and entrepreneurial savviness. What quickly became clear was that, though team may have limited experience and delivering service it is technically grounded


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Plot 128, Unit 8 Finance Park, Gaborone
P.O Box 203265, Gaborone

(267) 3936463 / (267) 76779112

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